Inch by Inch

My good friend in Kenya was going to speak at a high school near Nyahururu, Kenya the other week and asked me for some thoughts from Scripture around the western proverbs "inch by inch it’s a since – yard by yard it’s hard."

Here are some thoughts in bullet point:

What are some things we can do to increase our affections for Christ by his Spirit, inch by inch?

1. Let us behold Christ in his word, little by little every day. We become what we behold. 2 Cor 3:18.

2. Pray honest raw prayers to God. Psalm 39, especially verse 13 – God looked away from Christ because of our sin so will NEVER look away from His own;

3. Preach to yourself – Psalm 42 – Why are you downcast soul? Hope in God.

4. Spend time doing life around a godly man. Proverbs. Listen to wisdom.

5. Read godly books. Piper. Sproul. Edwards. Etc.

6. Embrace the community of believers. We become holy by the Holy Spirit who uses community to shape us to Christ’s image. 1 Thess 3: 11-12

7. See good things as all pointing to Christ. Taste and see that God is good – psalm 34:8; Food and life and family, etc are not to terminate as ultimate upon themselves (that’s gluttony for instance) but if all thing are for Christ (Colossians 1), them we partake of these things and see more of Christ’s beauty and long for him.

Praying for you my friend that God would open hearts and doors.

Love Eric and family.

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