Session 3 of 5: Our Passion Illustrated – Abraham and Lot (Genesis 13)

The Big Idea: Our passion is put to test when confronted with a choice between essential stuff, or The Essential.

I. Read with shame / honor world-view lenses (vv8-11)

Pastor Wilfred and Pastor Simon from Kenya were used by God to show Kyle more nuggets of truth embedded in this story seen through the original context of a shame and honor culture. This is one of their most favorite stories in the Old Testament.

Lot is a sinful man. In this culture, Lot should have let his elder, his uncle, chose for him which land to take. Instead, he takes what is not his to choose.

II. Keep the contrasting stories in mind (v13)

a. Genesis 14

b. Genesis 15

How do both of these peoples stories end? Abrams story ends well. Lots story ends with a dead wife in leaving Sodom and then in a cave in drunken incest.

III. Remember what is at stake (vv 6, 10)

Which would you choose: your livelihood or your relationship with Christ? Do I want to have good pasture land, comfort and all that it brings or do I want God? We want to come down hard on Lot but we need to look at our own hearts all the same.

IV. Marvel at Gods covenant faithfulness (vv 14-18)

God leads Abram to see the covenant land. By faith, Abram believes what God says, namely, that all the land, including the land Lot took that was not rightfully his, was all going to be his someday.

V. Frame your life as Abram did (vv 4, 18)

He frames his life with worship, even in light of his wallet taking a substantial hit. They both are cattle feeders who need food and water for their livestock and Lot takes the sustenance and leaves Abram with little. However, in the midst of uncertainty, Abram lays on the alter livestock, the very livestock he is now uncertain about.

VI. So how come we dont do that? (cf.: Philippians 2:4-11)

Why dont we trust God in the midst of uncertainty like Abram did? Why do I want Gods stuff, or to hit a 6 iron 180 yards to stop on a dime, instead of God himself? We will never do as Abram did, we will never do what Christ did by humbling himself to the point of death on a cross (Phil 2:4ff), UNLESS WE ARE IN CHRIST JESUS. Unless we are united with this Christ and given new hearts that want to obey by the Holy Spirit, we will never walk in faith like this.

Conclusion: Lord, forgive us for making good things ultimate things. Show us through faith the reality of things unseen, namely, that Christ is indeed the better treasure.

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