I wait for the Lord, my soul does wait…

And in His Word, I hope.  Ps 130:5  

In Hebrew poetry, parallelism is when the first line is expounded by and further explained by the second line.  It is clear from this Psalm, then, that we answer a very important question: HOW do we wait upon the Lord?  Answer: BY hoping in His Word.  

May God cause us to delight in and rest in His Word in such a way that we fight sin and enjoy today all that God is for us in Jesus Christ.  

If you right mouse click on these picturs then click “print”, you should be able to send a picture to your printer and place it in such a place as to memorize a verse to HOPE in God’s Word!   







Our GOOD God...

Our GOOD God...


Content in insults and hardships?
Content in insults and hardships?

Worship Songs: test  WorshipSongs10-03-10



3 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Your visit in Uganda where i met you was a wonderful event to always remember. i bless the Lord together with you for the tremendous work and inspiration you left behind and will always leave behind in any place you are in the world. this was especially so with the University students.
    Erick the Lord bless you indeed, enlarge your territory and may his mighty hand always go with you.

  2. your presentation to equitybank kenya ltd nyahururu was so fantastic.i look forward to a similar presentation once you come back in August.you also connect greatly with the almighty God in your banking carreer.May God bless you in your endeavours.

  3. To what I have seen, I think it was really a great blessing to receive a great man of God like you in our country, church and even at my shop and thanks for buying a cell phone from my shop you blessed my shop, may the lord reward you a abundantly I hope to see you more again at my shop my dearest customer

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