Books & Sermons

1. Sermons that have particularly been used by God to point me to Christ:

a. Praying your Tears:  Psalm 39:12-13; 126:1-6 – Dr. Timothy J. Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City;  Dr. Keller asks the question, “What is the ‘Gospel-third way’ to walk through our hurts?”  download the free mp3 from their site:

2. “Treadmill Readings” 

a. JC Ryle – Holiness

JC Ryle is a great “Puritan-type” writer from the late 1800’s in England, whose classic work “Holiness” is public domain.  Here is the MS Word version we have put together with detailed tabled of contents to see the writer’s logical flow through a scripture verse.   I commend soaking in this great reflection for your delight and satisfaction in God – saved UNTO holiness!  Click here:  JC Ryle – Holiness – BLOG Version

Stay tuned… We would like to print copies of the main chapters of this work too with large enough font to read without falling off of a treadmill (if that is what you like to do for exercise 🙂 !)

Chapter 8 is a favorite of ours – it is on the life of Moses.  Click here just to ready this chapter, 4 pages front and back: JC Ryle – Holiness-MosesChapter

3. “Splinter-books”

These are some of the top books that have been a “splinter in my mind”, something that God has used to profoundly change the way I think for the glory of His name.

Desiring God – by John Piper:  our small group when through much of this book during the summer of 2008.  Here are some notes – what a life changing book!  click here for the notes on PrayerDesiringGod-Week 04 Notes – Chapter 6 – Prayer


Jonathan Edwards’ Religious Affections

This book is a great call to holiness by God’s grace, marked by a passion for Christ that naturally is shown in our change of affections.  What do you have hope in?  What do you treasure?  Is Christ your highest treasure?

This is a wonderfully challenging book.

4. Great Reads:

John Owens’ “The Mortification of Sin” is a great book from hundreds of years ago (but abridged for easy reading today 🙂  ) that teaches us the importance of fighting sin and how we do this by the Spirit.  Here are 2 pages of notes to summarize the author’s outline and thoughts in the chapters.  May God draw us closer to himself in the knowledge of Him, reflecting his holiness by the obedience of faith he produces in our lives!  The mortification of Sin – outline Owen

DA Carson’s “The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God” is a great and quick read, reminding us that we are not to focus just on the aspect of God’s love that we like.  He is awesome and multifaceted in His character of love and we must embrace ALL about the doctrine of God’s love, not just the aspects that come easy to us.  Here are some notes from a devotional on this topic, citing this wonderfully refreshing work by DA Carson:  The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God


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