Foggy Run – my long awaited Thanksgiving run around the “Justine Section” came a month early on her surprise Fall Break visit! Proud of my college girl.


Raw, unpremeditated prayer to God is safe and is what the psalms model for us in working through our real feelings.

Photo by Mason Moore. 2018

Today in class Ben Nevius brought this opening quote from Ellen Davis to his session on the psalms today:

“The psalms give us permission to voice the things, ask the questions, and feel the feelings that we generally think keep us out of the presence of God but they actually demand us to bring those deep things into the presence of God.”

Psalm 25 is a psalm dealing with shame. The causes of shame can include people, past, and personal shame which David unpacks each here. The effects of shame include isolation, being busy, and pretending. The right response King David models is he is open before God (does not hide), he wrestles with God, and he is confident in God that he can pray this way and be helped by God not smacked.

Many of our other feelings include the following: hope or despondency, love or indifference, fear or courage, shame or honor, gladness, loneliness, guilt, anger, bitterness, and many more. What are we to do with these? Pray them honestly to God.