Thank you for your prayers.

Last Thanksgiving was not my first run with Jackson but I believe it was our last. What surprised me on that run was how fast he seemed to get overnight. The coaching that he received at high school was exceptional. I remember with joy seeing him pull away from me even by the first 1k.

Below, I ran that same course today (I think I got his time for 5k after 4k again this year :-). A lot has happened in one year. Jason Groezinger, one of my college roommates, ran a similar path with me two weeks ago, along with Johnny Pip (respectfully John Piper) on Romans 8:25. Today was “longing for Home” by Tim Keller on Redeemer’s podcast. Man, I long for a place and a true home even more these days…

After the run today, I came across this in Jackson’s room – an entry in a journal he kept in Kenya / the church plant. I thank God for Pastor Kyle and his friendship to our son and pointing him to Christ in joy. This quote Jackson copied down from listening to him:

His handwriting is after me :-). He wrote, “Eternal life is the fulfillment of God’s sovereign plan of salvation foreshadowed throughout the entire Bible.” It is fun to read this today and to see his handwriting.

It is good to miss him. It shows hope or worship of the Rock in the midst of a broken world that he is redeeming. He wins…

I miss my son.

While I type, I hear Justine playing “I have a shelter in the storm” on her birthday present new guitar. He is where I hide my family…


Genesis 3 – the Fall had judgment but ALSO MERCY!

Genesis 3 – Pastor Kyle McClellan

Intro. Springsteen lyrics – everyone has hungry hearts.

So where did that hunger come from?

The big idea: God the Sovereign Creator judges the rebellion of his creation pronouncing both judgment and mercy.

I. Respond properly to God’s call vv 8-9.

Respond like Mary and Isaiah and Samuel with Eli, ‘here I am.’

However, this is not how Adam and Eve respond to God. They run and hide in shame when God asks where they are. Where there was once perfect communion and relationship with God, there is now fear and shame.

II. Don’t play the blame game vv12.

Adam is not so much throwing Eve under the bus as he is God under the bus. Your fault God for giving me this woman. What does Eve do? She says the serpent deceived me, but who made the serpent? God too. So they blame shift and blame God.

It’s what has always been wrong with the world: it’s always someone else’s fault. In contrast, G K Chesterton wrote the London Times in reply to their question what is wrong with the world? He is. This is repentance and true honesty!

God was angry with us. It was not Jesus that broke God’s law – we did. He died in our place on the tree.

III. The Sovereign Creator judges the rebellion of his creation vv 14-19.

Notice that this is not a dialogue nor a plea bargain nor a negotiation. God alone speaks and hands out their judgement.

A. The serpent. Vv. 14-15

B. Eve vv16. There will now be much confusion and heartache around what it means of woman as helper. She will be abused at times, and she will also try to usurp man’s accountabilities.

C. Adam vv 17-19. His work is now cursed.

These curses attack our very calling and vocation: role of being fruitful and multiplying comes now in birth pangs. Thorns and thistles now make work exhausting, and we fight futility.

IV. The Sovereign Creator bestows mercy to his rebellious creation vv15.

There is good news! God not only judges mankind but also proclaims mercy! Verse 15 says there will be a seed to come and set all things right. Galatians 4:4ff Christ was a man born of woman – the seed promise in Gen 3:15 is fulfilled in the birth of Christ!

In God’s mercy, we can still procreate and fulfill our vocation to subdue the earth and have dominion.

God covers their sin v21. Adam and Eve are no good at covering themselves with fig leaves. Something had to die in order to cover the shame, nakedness and sin of our first parents. So we see in Christ that it is in his death and blood that we are covered better than we can cover our own shame and nakedness like Adam and Eve.

God saves them from eternal life in a sinful and broken world vv 22-24.

What are you covering yourself with? Run to Christ as your highest Treasure. He is who your hungry heart is really seeking!