Filtering our present through the eternity lenses…

E and J, Valentines day, 1991.

“How do you weigh your experience? If you only weigh your experiences on the scale of this present moment, maybe you wonder if following God is worth it…did I obey for all these years for my life to be like this? I thought He would supply my needs. I thought he was committed to bring good things into my life…You will be haunted by these questions if you place your experience on the wrong scale. Weighing it on the here & now will always cause you to end up questioning the goodness & faithfulness of God. Using the scale of eternity is the only proper way to weigh our experiences. Only then do we get a valid sense of their significance. Romans 8:18-21. Using the scale of eternity, Paul looks back on his experiences and says, ‘It has been worth it.'”

Paul Tripp, Forever. Quote from his book by Jodi…


Find the genealogy passages in Matthew boring? It’s an on ramp to Christ pulling our broken lives into his story!

Photo. Blick sr. 2012

“What robs us from being captivated by the story of Christmas? Denying or being ashamed of the depravity of this world.

The advent of Christ & the coming of God’s love doesn’t look like real hope or seem to tell the story of real hope unless we first tell the real story of who we are & why we need rescue.

If I hide my story of depravity, I hide His redeeming story of love. Tell your story of brokenness as testimony of God’s amazing grace.”
– – Pastor Chris Robbins

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Notes by Jodi…

Prayer on belonging to Christ…

photo by Blick Sr., Santa Cruz, CA, 2012

Belonging to Jesus (based on a puritan prayer in the book, Valley of Vision)

O Heavenly Father,

Teach us to see that if Christ has pacified you and satisfied divine justice, he can also deliver us from our sins and the power of our sins;

that Christ does not desire us, now justified,
to live in self-confidence in our own strength
but gives us the law of the Spirit of life to enable us to obey you; that the Spirit and his power are ours by resting in Christ’s death;

We have seen you as you are in your Son and have been ravished to behold you. We bless you that we are your own people in our dear Savior Jesus.


If we are honest, we have a deep stain on our hearts we can’t scrub out. You feel it too? There is hope…

“We have a deep sense that we’ve got to hide our true self or at least control what people know about us. Secretly we feel that we aren’t acceptable, that we have to prove to ourselves and other people that we’re worthy, lovable, valuable.”

“You see, we’re all trying to cleanse ourselves, or to cover our uncleanness by compensatory good deeds. But it will not work. The prophet Jeremiah puts this very vividly: “ ‘Although you wash yourself with soda and use an abundance of soap, the stain of your guilt is still before me,’ declares the Sovereign LORD” (Jeremiah 2:22). Outside-in cleansing cannot deal with the problem of the human heart.”

“God clothed Jesus in our sin. He took our penalty, our punishment so that we, like Joshua, the high priest, can get what Revelation 19:7-8 pictures: “Let us rejoice and be glad…. Fine linen, bright and clean, is given [to us] to wear.” Pure linen—perfectly clean—without stain or blemish. Hebrews 13 says Jesus was crucified outside the gate where bodies are burned—the garbage heap, a place of absolute uncleanliness—so that we can be made clean. Through Jesus Christ, at infinite cost to himself, God has clothed us in costly clean garments. It cost him his blood. And it is the only thing that can deal with the problem of your heart”

Excerpt From: Keller, Timothy. “King’s Cross.” PENGUIN group, 2010-12-28. iBooks. This material may be protected by copyright.

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