Depth of love

“If he is indeed a substitutionary sacrifice, if he has paid for our sins, if he has proved to our insecure, skittish little hearts that we are worth everything to him, then we have everything we need in him. It’s all a gift to us by grace. We don’t do good things in order to connect to God or to feel better about ourselves. What a meager upgrade to our self-image these good deeds would bring, compared with what we receive from understanding why Jesus died for us and how much he loves us”

Excerpt From: Keller, Timothy. “King’s Cross.” PENGUIN group, 2010-12-28. iBooks. This material may be protected by copyright.

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Fwd from my wife: Thoughts about worship from Kauflin

1. We need God to approach God.
2. Despite the number of times it’s said, no musician will ever lead anyone into God’s presence. Only Jesus can do that.
3. We should be more grateful than anxious as we prepare to lead. It’s about Jesus’ performance, not ours.
4. Our “worship” isn’t more acceptable to God because we hit all the right notes. The people we lead might appreciate it, but even our best playing and singing requires the death of Christ to make it worthy of God’s holiness.
5. Music makes us one for a moment. Jesus makes us one for eternity.